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We are always looking for more talented contributors! Researchers and scientists are welcome to send 500- to 800-word essays describing their current work or their perspectives on relevant current events to alan (at) for consideration. Please also include a one-line bio for our Contributors page. If accepted, the writing will be lightly edited and posted on the blog within one week. An email notification will be sent once the piece is online.

The goal of MedBioWorld’s Post-Geonomics blog is to forge a connection between the theoretical, research-based work in post-genomics and the clinical side of its application. The pieces focus on different aspects of the post-genomics area of study–everything from defining and explaining the new ‘-omics,’ such as glycomics and lipidomics, to describing efforts for establishing standards in these areas to raising concerns that perhaps were overlooked in the excitement of new developments. Also, there are quite a few researchers who are completing studies that will find a receptive audience among the bioscience researchers and medical professionals who are our audience.

True to blog form, the pieces should be authoritative, timely, informative and conversational in tone. Please keep in mind that although this is not a resource for the layperson, it should be appealing to bioscience researchers and medical professionals across many fields.

If you would like to become a Post-Genomics Blog contributor, please send your submission and one-line bio to alan (at)

Forging a connection between research and clinical applications.