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Scirus and Institute of Physics Publishing

Scirus has partnered with Institute of Physics Publishing to index the full text and metadata of its journals.

The Range of Scientific Content Scirus Covers
Scirus returns results from the whole Web, including access-controlled sites that other search engines don’t index. Scirus currently covers over 250 million science-related Web pages, including:
• 83 million .edu sites
• 25 million .org sites
• 10 million sites
• 22 million .com sites
• 6.5 million .gov sites
• Over 68 million other relevant STM and University sites from around the world

In addition to Web pages, Scirus indexes the following special sources (the numbers are approximate):
• 334,000 e-prints on
• 11,200 BioMed Central full-text articles
• 5,000 documents via Caltech
• 2,600 e-prints through Cogprints
• 63,500 full-text articles on Crystallography Journals Online
• 8,700 documents via DiVa
• 34,500 full text articles from Project Euclid
• 208,000 full text articles on Institute of Physics Publishing
• 13 million patent data via LexisNexis
• 46,500 course ware from MIT OpenCourseWare
• 12,000 NASA technical reports
• 223,000 full-text theses and dissertations via NDLTD
• 17.3 million MEDLINE citations via PubMed
• 339,000 articles via PubMed Central
• 180,000 documents via RePEc
• 6.4 million ScienceDirect full-text articles
• 330,000 full-text journal articles on Scitation
• 8,600 articles via SIAM
• 4,400 documents via T-Space”

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