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XXIV International Congress – Cytometry in the Age of Systems Biology

XXIV International Congress – Cytometry in the Age of Systems Biology

International Society for Analytical Cytology (ISAC)

May 17-21, 2008
Budapest Sportarena
Budapest, Hungary

The 2008 Congress will highlight the most important current hardware and software advances in all areas of cytometry, including measurements of properties of whole cells (whether in flow or on a substrate) and analysis of subcellular patterns (whether for adherent cells or cells in suspension). A major emphasis will be placed on the critical role cytometry is playing in the growing field of systems biology, which seeks a comprehensive understanding of the behavior of biological processes at all levels.

A highlight of the Congresses is the impressive set of exhibitions by both new and established companies. Attendees can learn first-hand about the most recent instruments and software. The atmosphere at the meeting is very conducive to discussions among participants and facilitates cross-fertilization between flow and imaging approaches to cell analysis. The Congress also presents a number of formal educational opportunities, including short courses, tutorials and workshops.

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