XX International Congress of Genetics

XX International Congress of Genetics
Genetics – Understanding Living Systems

July 12-17, 2008

International Congress Centrum (ICC)
Berlin, Germany

Genomics, the study of complete genomes, has revolutionized genetic research. Complete and annotated genome sequences and comprehensive maps of polymorphism are available for many model organisms, including the genomes of man and our closest relative, the chimpanzee. Genome architectures and structure-function relationships of complex macromolecular assemblies are being elucidated in ever greater depth. Genome-wide transcriptome and proteome analyses are widely available. Powerful technologies are at hand to generate both heritable and transient genetic perturbations. Importantly, comparative genomics provides deep insights into evolutionary mechanisms underlying genetic variation, adaptation and speciation. Genomic polymorphisms among humans reveal a rich picture of our recent evolutionary history as well as the genetic, epigenetic and environmental contributions to disease risk.

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