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Introduction to Microarray Technology

The PFGRC announces that it will conduct a four day course titled, “Introduction to Microarray Technology�, April 16-19, 2007.

The NIAID sponsored Pathogen Functional Genomics Resource Center at TIGR announces that it will conduct a four day course titled, “ Introduction to Microarray Technology .� The workshop will be held on the TIGR campus on April 16-19, 2007. The course will provide an overview of the two-dye spotted microarray platform. The course is designed for hands on participation and attendees will actively learn to make the most of their microarrays through a combination of wet lab and bioinformatics sessions.

The wet lab portion will be taught by PFGRC staff who are directly involved in microarray production. Participants will be guided through probe preparati on and hybridizati on protocols. The training will also c on sist of detailed discussi on s on dye coupling, slide pre-hybridization, hybridization, and scanning techniques. Other topics for discussion will include the importance of assessing source material and probe quality, comparisons of various slide surfaces, and printing techniques.

The bioinformatics portion of the course covers an introduction to the stages of microarray data analysis. Major topics include data management, image analysis, normalization, and data mining. Fundamental data analysis concepts will be taught using a mix of lectures and interactive hands-on sessions. Participants will analyze the microarrays they prepared, using the open-source TM4 software suite while working closely with the software developers. CDs containing microarray datasets and the TM4 suite will be provided.

The course will be provided free of charge. Attendees will be responsible for their travel and lodging. This introductory course is one of several offered by the PFGRC on variety of functional genomics topics. Attendance will be limited to 14 participants.

Interested participants should click here for the preliminary course agenda, and here for registration information.